India’s Jaipur (Rajasthan), December 27: A pioneering farmer from Barmer, Rajasthan named Vikram Singh Taratra has joined the management core team of the e-commerce firm Jaipur Chakki in an effort to lead by example in the nation. He will assist the business in finding cost-effective, high-quality farm products.

Vikram Singh has demonstrated creativity in his work by teaming up with reputable Zeta Farms (an agrotech firm with headquarters in Jaipur) to teach women farmers from adjacent villages how to grow their own food using scientific farming methods.

Jaipur Chakki, a startup in stapled food, began by delivering 30+ types of flours and spices to clients’ homes within 24 hours. It is presently expanding into other food items (Cold Press Oil, Pulses, Rice, Cereals, Oatmeal, Gram Flour, Tea, Poha, etc). The freshness of Jaipur Chakki is special since the flour is milled right after the consumer places an order. Jaipur Chakki is dedicated to offering both online and offline consumers with fresh and pure food ingredients.

The inventor of Jaipur Chakki, Mr. Vishnu Upadhyaya, stated, “Even today, Indians still prefer flour that has been milled in a traditional neighbourhood mill, although this is difficult to get in large cities. New generations avoid traditional chakki stores due to their poor cleanliness standards, absence of home delivery services, and small selection of flours. By purchasing packaged foods from the market in our fast-paced society, we are gambling with our health. Due to the difficulty in obtaining other grains like millets, pulses, and multigrain flour, we do not even consume it.
Jaipur Chakki was started with a little bootstrap investment and has now expanded to become a name recognised by over 10,000 people in the city of Jaipur. The creators enlisted the help of an angel investor after realising the potential of the Jaipur Chakki business concept (NRI with experience in Food Industry).

Manoj Maru, a co-founder of Jaipur Chakki, stated that by 2024, after starting operations in Jaipur, the company hopes to have over 500 exclusive outlets throughout the top 20 cities in the nation. In order to grow significantly, Jaipur Chakki has already begun operations in Ahmedabad and will shortly launch its next locations in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Surat, and Chandigarh.

The purity and quality that are delivered to the consumer depend greatly on the raw material’s quality. Here comes the part of the just hired farmer. To ensure that the consumer receives fresh, pure commodities at reasonable costs, he will ensure that quality products are purchased directly from the farm without the use of any middlemen.

A farmer from Barmer named Mr. Vikram Singh Taratra stated, “I believe in innovative farming concepts. I have been teaching my town new farming methods ever since I first started doing it. With the best scientific methods and the appropriate instruction, we can double the likelihood that farmers’ incomes will double.

By collaborating with Jaipur Chakki, we would be able to provide the farmers with a supply partner, farm to family connectivity, improved revenue source, market information, etc., and ultimately, the “Farm to Family” mission will be meaningful in the truest sense.

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