Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami launched “CM Udyman Khiladi Unnayan Yojana’, in the program organized on the occasion of National Sports Day in the Police Line Maidan, Dehradun on Monday.

On this occasion, many announcements have been made to upgrade the players of the state on this occasion he said, that considering the shortage of sports trainers under the Sports Department, 08-08 departmental sports trainers will be appointed for each district. The Chief Minister Sports Development Fund will be established to be given financial benefits to the students according to accelerated rules. Simultaneously, the Secrets of the Sports Department, Uttarakhand will be increased to honorarium according to the honorarium payable to the contract trainers of the Indian Sports Authority.
Matching games will also be included in the game policy. East, efforts will be made to re-implement 4 percent reservation for skilled players in the program.

While addressing the program, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said, “today is the birthday of Major Dhyanchand and today we are starting the ‘Chief Minister’s Udayan Sportsman Upgradation Scheme’ in the state. For this, it could not have been a better day. Major Dhyanchand had given an identity to India in the game world, at that time when the infrastructure of sports was not so much in India, the players have only named the facilities.”

The CM said, “we had decided to give a game scholarship for the talented emerging players of the state some time ago, we are glad that the plan has been started. Our government says he does. In the Chief Minister’s emerging player upgradation scheme, the emerging players of Rs. 1500 to 1400 rupees will be given a game scholarship. Every total 3900 emerging players from which 1950 children and 1950 girls will be given sports scholarships. We are trying every effort to promote sports in the state.”
He said that for players in the state to achieve remarkable success in the sports area, the game Policy- 2021 was implemented for the purpose of establishing Uttarakhand state in the leading line in the game area. In the game policy, the players have been increased by about 100% due to cash prize money due to earning a medal at national and international levels. Similarly, the amount was increased for trainers. Divya players have also been given similar rights to normal players.

The CM stated that the State Sports Award is being provided as well as the Himalayan Gems Sports Awards as well as Devbhoomi Uttarakhand Sports Ratna, and Devbhoomi Uttarakhand Dronacharya Awards.
“The players have been arranged for the out-turn appointment to provide government jobs in the state. The players have been arranged to provide scholarships to the players up from 08 to 23 years to bring interest in the sports area from the ground level. 05% Sports quota has been arranged for admission in business courses in universities. Through private sports areas, arrangements have been arranged for the construction of sports inclining facilities,” he added.

He said that the leadership of PM Narendra Modi is building a new India, a powerful India, and a glorious India. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, there has been significant progress in every field. Even in sports, the value of India has increased. PM specifically mentioned sports and players in his speech on Independence Day.

The CM said that current players have got very transparent. “Talented players are getting a chance. Our players are also giving the country an opportunity to be proficient. Now the players are being respected. ‘There is a playground anywhere in the world, today the tricolor of India is visible. Prime Minister’s new initiative to promote sports in the country. The Play India program is a good example of his thinking. Better training facilities are being given to players today,” he added.

The Chief Minister said that the sportspersons need to work hard with all the youth firm ships. The state government is with you. The same basic mantra of success is “optionless resolution”. Set your goals. Become a Leader in your field. We are trying every effort to make Uttarakhand an ideal state in each region. But it is possible only by the efforts of all of us.”

He said that today India is emerging as a sports power. “The gold and silver medals of our players have increased the confidence of the country. Today India is winning a medal in a record number of Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other sports competitions. Today our youngsters are leading in every field. Startup India, standup India, Make in India, Self-sufficient India and Vocal for Local have come forward to help India lead forward,” he added.

Sports Minister Rekha Arya said, “The Chief Minister Udayam Sajar Upgradation scheme has been started in the state on National Sports Day. For the future of our children in the field of sports, every type of facility have been given in the state’s new game policy. The state government is committed to helping players in every possible way to further the talent of the state.”

He further added that said, “Players are being given a game scholarship of Rs. 1500 per month so that he can complete his fundamental needs. Many national and state-level stadiums are being constructed under the state, which will give new identities to the players here as well as in Uttarakhand state. He also talked about organizing the game Mahakumbh in the coming time.” (ANI)

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