Co-founders of Unacademy- Roman Saini, Hemesh Singh, Gaurav Munjal (left to right)

Every student and competitive exam candidate across India today is familiar to Unacademy. Most students actually are totally dependent on it. Online studies have only recently became a thing in India widely but Unacedemy has been well famed for easily accessible online classes with best educators for a decade now.

In 2010 Gaurav Munjal started the Unacademy youtube channel and it was registered as a online education company in 2015. Headquartered in Banglore, Unacademy as a company was co-founded by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh. The net worth of Unacademy today is 1.45 Billion dollars. It is funded by US private equity firm General Atlantic, flipkart, facebook and many others. Unacademy widened its business by including the esteemed exam courses like UPSC, NET etc. in their online classes. It’s subsidiary, wifi study gives classes for SSC and bank exams. Kreatryx, another subsidiary gives classes for GATE and ESE. It has included the classes for NEET by joining with Gurugram based online coaching, Prepladder. Unacademy has over 18,000 registers educators today.

Unacademy started with teachings for school syllabus mainly 10+2, gradually it increased its courses and started giving live classes for only paid subscribers. Unacademy comes with great ideas to make its name in each and every house. Unacademy have these online programmes where many noteworthy personalities like Virat Kohli, Mary kom, Shashi Tharoor have taught learners. Even though this pandemic brought heavy losses to all the coaching institutes, companies and industries, one platform that did not stop running was online classes. Rather online studies have become the new normal. So, this gave the unacademy an upper hand even in lockdown. And now one thing is clear that online businesses will be thriving for always.

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