Coworking aggregator platform Spaceyfi which is one of the fastest growing startups in the city is said to be in talks with a private group to raise its pre-funding in November

Based in Dehradun, Spaceyfi offers flexible coworking space in over 80 locations across the country to some 120 corporates and 1500 freelancers and startups. The company plans to increase seating capacity to 300,000 seats from 50,000 within a year. With the huge growth in the Indian it industry, the demand for work from home & managed office spaces has gone up.

The key drivers of coworking spaces in India are their lower cost, good infrastructure, and networking opportunities. Coworking spaces are being availed of not only by startups but also by professional freelancers, emerging businesses, as well as large corporates.

With the demand for co-working spaces only rising in India, startups like Spaceyfi have a huge market to address and can look at scaling up their operations and expanding across the country.

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