When Arun picked his camera in 2003, he never imaged that he would be making big in the field. When your passion becomes a career, time is merely a number. Being 18 years into the industry of professional wedding photography, Arun has earned the reputation of being “the innovative mind” of wedding photography.

How it all began?

It seems yesterday when Arun chose photography as his passion. Rather, photography chose him. A determined approach for the next 5 years made him realize that he’s meant to be the one behind the camera, capturing moments, emotions, and happy wedding souls through his lens. The appreciation began flowing with his work, as he became a Favourite cinematographer, Director of Photography (DOP), and a well-versed portrait photographer among the clients.

Talking about the innovations introduced, under the brand name of The Film Sutra, Arun has brought concepts of Wedding films with the story-telling concept within 30 minutes. Along with it, they have been successful in introducing the concept of the studio at wedding venue which is being followed by many wedding photographers these days.

The roadmap and expansion

As time passed, The Film Sutra flourished and has a team of 30+ trained experts, providing services ranging from Studio portrait shoot, video & shoot editing, photoshop editing, and event photography. The team’s dedication can be reflected by the hard they show on an everyday basis. Utterly astonished the team manages on an average of 4 shoots on a daily basis, assuring the quality of the shoot.

In the era where digital presence makes a lot of difference, The Film Sutra enjoys a good number of referential business, thanks to the quality of end deliverables that are being appreciated by clients, the bride, and the groom.

How can you get in touch?

The team is decorated with enthusiastic individuals which are passionate about their role in the organization and work round the clock to make the venture a hit, without compromising with the quality, creativity, and innovations. The corporate office is situated at the heart of south Delhi.

Arun Aadidev
Founder & Director
The Film Sutra

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