Indian entrepreneur and co-founder of OLA cabs

Ola Cabs was founded on 3rd December 2010 as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, now based in Banglore. Born in Ludhiana, Bhavish just like every other success driven entrepreneur began at a very early age. Soon after he completed his Bachelors in Technology from IIT – B in 2008, he started his career with Microsoft as a Research Intern and later got reinstated as an Assistant Researcher. After quitting Microsoft, Bhavish started an online company which dealt into selling of short duration tours and holidays online. Now while he was at it, he happened to rent a car from Bangalore to Bandipur and had a lasting bad experience. The driver of that car stopped right in the middle of the road and started re-negotiating the deal. When Bhavish refused to agree to his terms, the driver abandoned him en route his destination. That incident led Bhavish and Ankit Bhati to co-found ola cabs in 2011. Bhavesh solved that problem at once for all. In four years, the duo went on to become India’s richest in 2015. When ola cabs were started, their strategy was to leave no stone unturned; be it attending customer calls to driving a passenger to the airport while managing the operations, they did everything. And on the other hand to woo the drivers, for first few months, they paid drivers Rs5000/day tips plus no salary provided they complete one single trip for that given day. To add to that, the Integration Devices which they used were provided free of cost. As of 2019, the company has expanded to a network of more than 15 lakh drivers across 250 cities.  Ola claims to get 1,50,000 bookings per day and commands 60% of the market share in India as of 2014. As of October 2019, Ola was valued at about $6.5 billion. A variety of venture, capitalists including Softbank have large stakes in the company.

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